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rainy day wedding (or was it?)

Don’t you just love when everything is falling into place when you need it?

That was the case with this wedding. The day started with a lot of rain and overcast sky. But as it progressed so did the weather. That meant that for group/couple shots we had rainless weather. Actually, it was changing constantly (from full sun to overcast and back) but at least it didn’t rain anymore:) I am really glad for that, because Michelle and Darryl are one stunning couple.  I would take their pictures all day long if I could 🙂


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  • wow thank you Aneta and peter you guys did an amazing job, our pictures look fantastic, thank you sooooo much! I've already started recommending you to people!xx

    • Aneta said:

      You are more than welcome, Michelle! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and your friends and family :)

  • Faith Vidal said:

    You did an amazing job! Some original shots in there and you really captured the day! So pleased you and Peter were there for Michelle and Darry so their memories will be with them always

    I'll definitely recommend you
    Faith (Darryl's mum)

    • Aneta said:

      Thank you for your kind words, Faith! And thank you for your recommendations :) Much appreciated!