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midsummer day wedding

Did I mention that I love my clients? We have been blessed with having the chance to work with extremely friendly and wonderful (not to mention gorgeous) people.

For example, this wedding is not only a referral, but also (as we found out) is a wedding gift from our previous clients Michelle & Darryl to Comfort and Luke. How wonderful is that??? 🙂

Anyway, let’s go back to this wedding.

Comfort and Luke couldn’t pick better day to get married. The 1st day of summer was truly summery this year 🙂 We were shooting midday in full sun which was real fun when you have to pose 250 guests 🙂

But I’m not complaining, I could shoot all of my weddings in such conditions if you ask me 🙂


CL-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-000 CL-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-001 CL-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-001a CL-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-002 CL-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-003 CL-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-004 CL-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-005 CL-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-006 CL-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-007

 Client’s rave

We made the best choice in letting Aneta Tu and Peter cover our engagement shoot and wedding day. The weather was great, 250 people in attendance, busy day ! Went too fast – but we are very pleased with the pictures – everytime we look at them, they put a smile on our faces. Both were every calm and helpful dealing with the unplanned “upps ” situations ! ..shootings were very fun and relaxed resulting in my Husband enjoying the sessions !! 


  • wow this day was amazing best wedding I've been to so far! i was so privileged to be such a big part of the whole day from beginning to end. thank you sooo much Luke and Comfort for letting me be apart of this great day. it was awesome!xxx