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last minute

They say that the best things in life come unexpected. This was certainly true for this photo-session 🙂

We have purchased new lens and wanted to test it very quickly, so we offered free of charge last minute photo-session for the first couple that would get in touch with us. And we’ve been contacted by Zane who said that she and her partner are available on such a short notice. We quickly agreed on location and met with them last weekend.

Everything was perfect. The weather was superb. The light was amazing. Girls came with so many props (including the bubble machine!) and creative ideas that we didn’t have enough time to use them all. Sylvie was entertaining us playing guitar 🙂

We had so much fun shooting them that, in the end, we didn’t really test our new lens. I guess we will have to announce another “last minute offer” (watch this space and our Facebook page) 😉

Anyway, let the images speak for themselves 🙂


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