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Judi & Debjit’s wedding at Flaxbourne Gardens

It’s time for the last (but not least) wedding of the year. Given that it’s December, it makes perfect sense to go back to a wedding from July. Especially this one.

This couple (and their wedding day) is, to put it in one word, amazeballs 🙂 Yes, I’m allowed to use this word, it’s been added to the Oxford dictionary recently 😉

For their wedding photos they had only one requirement – VIBRANT 🙂

We had incredible fun during their engagement shoot. And their wedding was also extraordinary. It was by far the most colourful wedding of the year.

Where to start ? Dancing church exit, colourful wedding venue, one of the kind wedding dress, change of clothes in the middle. Oh, I almost forgot, and there were dinosaurs 😉

I could multiply the examples 🙂

It was truly amazing day. Thank you, Judi and Deb, for sharing it with us. We loved every second of it.



JD-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-001 JD-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-002 JD-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-003 JD-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-004 JD-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-004a JD-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-005 JD-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-006 JD-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-007 JD-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-008 JD-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-009 JD-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-010 JD-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-011 JD-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-012

JD-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-013 JD-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-014 JD-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-012a JD-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-013a

JD-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-015 JD-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-016 JD-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-017 JD-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-018 JD-Milton-Keynes-Wedding-Photography-019

Wedding Venue: Flaxbourne Gardens

Entertainment: HV Entertainment

Flowers: rainbow-weddings.com

Wedding cake: youvegotcake.co.uk

Client’s rave:

We were so lucky to find Aneta and Piotr, especially so last minute. We had so much fun with our engagement shoot and knew immediately that they were perfect for taking our wedding photos. Aneta and Piotr were fabulous on the day and posing for photos was great. It felt like having two friends we had known for years supporting us on our big day. We are slightly jealous that they take other peoples weddings too 😀 but we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. In fact we have recommended them to several people! Professional, fun, a joy to hang out with and we got the most amazing wedding pictures as a bonus!