Ila & Manu’s wedding in Italy

or how to photograph people who decided not to have any pose photos 🙂

Our brief was very short and clear: NO POSED PHOTOS :D, except for few shots of their beloved Renault Clio in which they went on a road trip to Mongolia couple of year ago (have you heard of Mongol Rally?).

Which was absolutely fine with us, because this Italian wedding had gazillion of opportunities for perfect candid action shots 🙂

Ila and Manu surrounded themselves with fun and loving group of really close friends and family and decided to spend couple of days (the day before the wedding consisted of chilling by the pool and having a jam session in the evening – did I mention Manu is a drummer? ;)) in a beautiful settings of south Italy in a gorgeous Tenuta Monacelli.

Fun doesn’t even begin to describe this 🙂 Suffice to say we got to follow them on the street of ancient Lecce and share the aperol spritz drinks at their favorite place, we got stuck in traffic caused by a religious procession, we ate freshly made mozzarella, we experienced a power cut during the night (which didn’t stop the fun) and we danced with our friends. What a wedding, what a wedding… I want to go back!