Emma & Rob’s wedding in Newport Pagnell

Such a fun wedding! I love it when our couples share my taste in music 🙂

It was truly fun day. These guys proved to us that usually stiff group photos don’t have to be boring and hated by everyone 🙂


Absolutely brilliant, thanks guys, my wedding pictures are fantastic, and all the candid pictures were lovely and we didn’t notice them being taken, would definitely recommend you to people xx


ER-wedding-photography-milton-keynes-001 ER-wedding-photography-milton-keynes-002 ER-wedding-photography-milton-keynes-003 ER-wedding-photography-milton-keynes-004 ER-wedding-photography-milton-keynes-005 ER-wedding-photography-milton-keynes-006 ER-wedding-photography-milton-keynes-007 ER-wedding-photography-milton-keynes-008 ER-wedding-photography-milton-keynes-009 ER-wedding-photography-milton-keynes-010 ER-wedding-photography-milton-keynes-011 ER-wedding-photography-milton-keynes-012 ER-wedding-photography-milton-keynes-013 ER-wedding-photography-milton-keynes-014


Wedding venue: Holiday Inn Newport Pagnell