Emma and Rudy’s engagement photo-shoot in Milton Keynes

Long time no posting, I know. But what a treat this one is. Stunning is the word 🙂

Although we had a slight delay in start of the session, as we were concern with the well being of one of the swans (he is fine), the whole session was a pure joy.

Lots of giggles and high spirits. I loved every single second of working with these two.


ER-engagement-photoshoot-milton-keynes-001 ER-engagement-photoshoot-milton-keynes-002 ER-engagement-photoshoot-milton-keynes-003 ER-engagement-photoshoot-milton-keynes-004 ER-engagement-photoshoot-milton-keynes-005 ER-engagement-photoshoot-milton-keynes-006 ER-engagement-photoshoot-milton-keynes-007 ER-engagement-photoshoot-milton-keynes-008 ER-engagement-photoshoot-milton-keynes-009