Dawn & Doug’s half Scottish wedding at Dodmoor House

Men in kilts! Men in kilts! I only want to shoot weddings with men in kilts from now on 😉

We love our photos, thank you so much! Dawn & Doug

dd-wedding-dodmoor-house-001 dd-wedding-dodmoor-house-002 dd-wedding-dodmoor-house-003 dd-wedding-dodmoor-house-004 dd-wedding-dodmoor-house-005 dd-wedding-dodmoor-house-006 dd-wedding-dodmoor-house-007 dd-wedding-dodmoor-house-008 dd-wedding-dodmoor-house-009 dd-wedding-dodmoor-house-010 dd-wedding-dodmoor-house-011 dd-wedding-dodmoor-house-012 dd-wedding-dodmoor-house-013


Wedding suppliers:

Wedding venue: Dodmoor House

Entertainment: apexsounds.co.uk

Hair: Hair by Lauren Hayfield

Make up: we did it ourselves!

Flowers: Sofia at green-room.biz

Wedding dress: Essence

Wedding cake: Eva at orders@euthymia.co.uk

Bridesmaids dress: lilypearlbridesmaids.com

Stationary: we made it ourselves!