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Daria + Hubert maternity photo-shoot in Stowe Gardens

The history behind this photo-shoot is actually quite interesting. Peter shot Daria and Hubert’s wedding with our friend Kasia (I wasn’t officially a photographer back then). Daria was pleased with the results and when she got pregnant, she decided that she wanted Peter to capture that 🙂 The problem was she didn’t have Peter’s contact details anymore. But she was determined to find him 🙂 And that she did 🙂

I have no words to describe how beautiful Daria looks pregnant. We were (again!) so lucky with the fantastic weather, and couldn’t choose better location – Stowe Gardens (yes, it seems we shoot there a lot 😉

DH-maternity-photography-milton keynes-001 DH-maternity-photography-milton keynes-002 DH-maternity-photography-milton keynes-003 DH-maternity-photography-milton keynes-004 DH-maternity-photography-milton keynes-005 DH-maternity-photography-milton keynes-006 DH-maternity-photography-milton keynes-007