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cyberpunk rules a.k.a. hug the fungus

From the minute we met Maggie, we knew she is one tough cookie and a very interesting persona 🙂 I can’t remember now who came up with the idea of having a photo shoot with her in some derelict/industrial surroundings first, but I knew she would be a perfect model for such environment. I recently asked her about having this photo-shoot and we looked up some places in London (Maggie lives there). But then we found out that Maggie is coming to Milton Keynes. I couldn’t let that opportunity to pass 🙂 So I asked her if she wants to give it a go, and she said yes 🙂

Now, to find a place full of post-apocalyptic character in Milton Keynes is rather difficult. The first place we went to turned out to be closed for any traffic, and was too far to walk to. Luckily, we remembered about the building we found on one of our bicycle trips around MK, so we decided to give it a go. And it was better than we would’ve expected. Well, you can judge it for yourselves.

I have to add here, that Maggie deserves a massive round of applause. She created her entire look (hair, make-up, styling) on her own (I know who I’m asking for my New Year’s Eve party makeup ;)), she was bravely facing extreme cold (yes, my friends, she posed in these clothes in the temperature around 6 degrees Celsius for almost two hours) and she didn’t seem to mind hazardous environment (including “hugging the fungus”, sitting on broken glass, and posing under burned roof).

Bravo, milady, bravo! 🙂









  • Maggie said:

    Thanks again, I had a lot of fun, even though it was indeed quite chilly. And if you come up with another crazy idea like this one, do let me know :)

    • Aneta said:

      Absolutely :)