the most fun wedding ever

There is actually quite interesting story about how we came about shooting this wedding. See, I know Jen for a while now (we can talk for hours about pretty much everything!), but originally she has chosen a photographer from Manchester. It was a quite obvious move as the wedding was there. Not to bore you with details, but he seemed to change his mind towards doing this quite close to the wedding. So Jen asked if we could step in. I was instantly super excited about it but then the realisation came… this is the first time in my life I will shoot a wedding of someone I know.

And then came the nightmares:)

Honestly, I was never so stressed out before the wedding. I know it sounds irrational, as one may think it should be easier to photograph your friends, but trust me… it is not 🙂 I guess, I  just really wanted to please them 🙂

However, the minute we’ve arrived in Manchester, my whole stress was gone. It was the most FUN wedding we have ever worked on. The people (from the family and friends, through the priest and organist lady, to people from the venue) were absolutely amazing. All venues were incredibly beautiful. And (as was not a surprise for me knowing Jen’s superb efficiency and organisational skills) everything went so smoothly. But most importantly, everyone was so brilliant to work with. We could shoot them all day and night long.

I wish everyone a wedding like that.

  • Imelda Johnson said:

    Thank you for saying it was a fun wedding, that's exactly how we saw the day, one of the most enjoyable and amazingly, stress free days ever - not a bad comment from the Mother of the Bride. your pictures captured the essence perfectly, a thoroughly enjoyable day.