Oh what a fun session it was! and a lucky one as well.

My potential readers (yes, I believe I have some – I am naive that way 😉 ) might not realise but I’m blogging from UK and this year there is neither spring nor summer in our country. No, I mean it. This is officially the wettest and coldest spring (and probably summer as well) on the records. To get a nice, warm and sunny day is almost a miracle it seems.

This session was originally scheduled for last week, but we had to change the day the very last minute. This was actually a good thing because weather was terrible anyway.

But on the day we shot, not only it was one of the warmest days so far, but actually the sun has come out, so we managed to get some fantastically lit shots.

Which is actually even more fantastic as it turned out that Jen has the most extraordinary blue eyes which in this phenomenal light were even more magnificent.

Check out for yourself



And now for the SPIDERMAN bit 🙂 Well… it was quite unplanned (the best things usually are in my experience).
I took my lovely couple under one tree and started to tell them my idea for a shot. Then Tom said something like “oh… I thought you will want me to climb the tree”. One thing led to another and we decided to recreate famous kissing scene from Spider-Man film.
I wasn’t easy, but it was soooo worth it 🙂


And just for fun the “behind the scenes” shot 🙂


  • Sylwia said:

    I read it. :)

  • Ewa said:

    I read it too:) and i really like your pictures :)

  • Aneta said:

    thanks, Ewa!!! :)