2013 behind the scenes

This year I wanted to officially start new, secular traditional at Bright Side Photography. A year behind the scenes 😉 I was looking through some photos from this year and noticed that Peter took some nice ones of me working. I only had one or two of him and I think one of my New Year’s resolutions will be to take more “behind the scenes” photos of him 🙂

It makes such a nice compilation. It brings back so many fond memories 🙂 I really like our job 🙂


BrightSidePhotography-2013-BTS-001 BrightSidePhotography-2013-BTS-002 BrightSidePhotography-2013-BTS-003 BrightSidePhotography-2013-BTS-004 BrightSidePhotography-2013-BTS-005 BrightSidePhotography-2013-BTS-006 BrightSidePhotography-2013-BTS-007